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Emma Chasen: Educating the World About Cannabis Science

Emma Chasen: Educating the World About Cannabis Science – Emma Chasen is the Director of Education for Sativa Science Club, an organization that encourages industry-wide quality standards.

She also, in 2016, received the Willamette Week‘s Portland, Oregon Best Budtender award.

In this Ganjapreneur.com podcast episode, Emma joined our host TG Branfalt for a conversation about the creation process behind her educational courses for individuals seeking careers in the cannabis space and why she thinks the cannabis industry should move away from the indica/sativa binary of categorizing cannabis cultivars.

The interview also covers how she became a budtender for Farma (a Portland, Oregon-based dispensary that emphasizes a scientific definition and understanding of cannabis), her rise through the ranks of the cannabis space to eventually become the dispensary’s general manager, and what advice she would offer to somebody who is working in — or interested in — the retail side of the cannabis industry.

Tune in to the interview via the player below, or scroll down to read a full transcript of this week’s Ganjapreneur.com podcast episode!

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